Our Process

How we travel

We maintain an uninhibited relationship between management and development which allows us to share our know-how through every stage of the product life-cycle. The outcome is a well-planned project schedule with defined deliverables and measurable benefits for your business.

    Our perspective of a successful project kickoff begins with the recognition of your business’ objectives. For us, effective project management is synonymous with simplicity. After understanding what brings value to you, we allocate the appropriate team to identify the milestones of your journey. Our team of business experts, together with a solution architect, arranges the documentation of the project and outlines the required pre-work.
    The planning procedure includes a detailed analysis of your assets and pain-points, in order to establish a coherent strategy with defined deliverables and measurable benefits for your business. Every step is carefully calculated and evaluated according to the goals that were set during the kickoff meeting. Our processes and services are interconnected to ensure maximum visibility between project management and development.
    We believe that the best way to predict the success of a project is to create its minimum viable product. Along these lines, we are able to test every parameter and reassure that strategic objectives will be met with minimum risk. Our in-house design team provides you with a flawless user experience and our technical department is equipped with business development skills, able to suggest relevant solutions applicable to your strategies.
    After defining the project’s parameters, we move forward to the testing environment to assess the functionality of each feature. In cooperation with the technical department we scan your MVP for issues that might arise and we fix any possible flaws. Our competitive advantage lies in the fact that we provide in-house quality assurance services. When quality assurance is completed, we progress to the project release. Following this stage we review the project again. More specifically, we repeat the same procedure, this time in production environment.
    Once requirements have been met and strategic objectives have been delivered, quality assessment is completed and the project is ready for market. After being subjected to all previous stages, your final product is perfectly adaptable to future alterations and in accordance with the expected growth of your organization. We welcome your feedback - it empowers us to always improve our practices.
    We believe a project is never truly finished; there are always features to be enhanced and side-projects to be exploited. As your market creates new demands, it is crucial for you to be adaptive and flexible to maintain your competitive advantage. We customize support services according to your needs and build dynamic business relationships. We look forward to a long-term successful partnership with you!
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