PS View

A web application monitoring security installation signals in real time.
  • Software Development
A real-time signal monitoring web application for an industry leader in security installations

INDEV Software developed PS View for Personal Security - a mobile-first web application monitoring security installation signals in real time.

Personal Security was founded in 1978. It is today one of the leading and fastest growing security solution providers in Greece, with over 35.000 customers and a network of 1.000 partners.


Personal Security's goal was to offer their partners and their associate engineers a mobile platform from which they would be able to monitor the signals generated by their security installations. Top priorities of the project were security, near real time processing of the signals, as well as a modern, intuitive and easy to use UI/UX.


As a first step, our team worked closely with Personal Security to analyze the business requirements and conceptualize the software solution. We developed PS View, a mobile-first web application, with responsive desktop views and an easy to use interface by any user and from any device. In terms of design, we went for a minimal and modern approach that better communicates Personal Security's brand and their commitment to providing advanced technology solutions to their partners and customers. The application is able to process and display security signals in real time and is integrated with Personal Security's internal systems and live signal processing center. Additional measures were taken to ensure the application's security, including a series of penetration tests. Side features were also developed, such as enabling service providers to manage their team of engineers and security installations, as well as a technical documentation library for the users of the application. The application has rolled out and was quickly adopted by Personal Security's entire partner and engineer network.

Focus Points
Focus Points

Secure integration with on-premise systems and infrastructure

Real-time data processing

User system with multiple role and permission levels

Mobile-first web application design

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