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Data Science & Business Intelligence

Data is an asset that you already have, regardless of the scope or size of your business. Our Data Science and Business Intelligence services share a common aim; transform raw data into information, information into insight and insight into confident decision making in every role of your organization.

    Our Web Analytics offering encompasses collection, analysis, visualization and interpretation of user data from your website and mobile app. We combine cutting edge tracking technologies with data science to help you understand how your online assets are being used, how they are being found, and how they perform overall against your business objectives. Our digital performance analysts have a track record for implementing innovative and challenging Web Analytics solutions for a wide and diverse portfolio of organizations.
    Data give us the confidence to create bold and successful digital marketing strategies. Data scientists work with marketers to forecast, measure and optimize advertising ROI and other KPIs, understand customers' preferences and create remarketing campaigns. We offer you the full 360 degree view of customer interactions with your brand, optimizing every touchpoint of your digital marketing strategy along the way.
    The e-commerce landscape is growing faster than ever, becoming increasingly sophisticated and leaving behind those who are slow to adapt. E-commerce analytics are at the heart of every commercial website or app. By tracking vital metrics, such as revenue, product performance, customer lifetime value and check-out behavior, you get a complete overview of your performance and the intelligence to make informed business decisions that will keep you ahead of your competition. We are capable of enhancing your e-commerce implementations with machine learning solutions, such as recommendation engines, to boost your sales and revenue.
  • UX & CRO
    Conversion Rate Optimization is all about turning your visitors into customers. User Experience is crucial; Once a user arrives at your digital environment, we ensure they are met with a functional interface that guides them to complete key actions, such as making a purchase or filling a form, in an intuitive and frictionless way. We follow a data driven approach to UX & CRO, employing a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods, such as AB testing, heatmaps and user surveys. Data scientists and designers work together to ensure that best practices are followed, but also challenged.
    Machine Learning is the art of creating and implementing self-learning algorithms that can sense and predict. The limitations are few and the impact is absolutely transformative for any organisation in terms of automation, process improvement and aligning for future opportunities. Machine Learning can have a wide range of applications for your organization: pattern recognition, predictive modelling, customer segmentation, product classification, recommendation engines for e-commerce, and many more.
    The visual communication of data is both an art and a science, and a critical part of modern Business Intelligence. Experienced statisticians will make sure that dashboards and visualizations don't just look stunning, but, most importantly, present information in a way that is clear, intuitive, efficient and that facilitates your decision making.
    Organizations need to be increasingly efficient in storing and processing large volumes of data, collected in several and often disconnected data silos. Merging and associating data sources is at the heart of Business Intelligence. In the context of a website, this may mean integrating website performance data with digital marketing data to create advanced remarketing audiences. In more sophisticated BI implementations, this may take the form of centralizing offline and online data, to provide you with a 360 degree view of your business.
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