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We Orbit

We constantly work on challenging projects for a wide range of industries
We are proud to develop strategic and long term relationships

A long list of successful collaborations and a deep knowledge of industry trends, give us the confidence to undertake challenging projects for a wide range of industries that include: real estate, pharmaceutical, maritime, fintech, banking & insurance, arts & culture and more. Overcoming industry challenges and bridging technology gaps is essential to set our clients one step ahead of the competition. It will be our pleasure to meet you and discuss your project.

  • Real Estate
    On-premise and cloud solutions tailor-made for real estate evaluation and management.
  • Pharmaceutical
    Websites that highlight corporate values and pharmaceutical products. Internal systems and CRMs.
  • Maritime
    Fleet showcase, brand communication and exhibition management for global maritime transport companies.
  • Fintech
    Development, design, analysis and consulting for international fintech corporations.
  • Arts & Culture
    Immersive, pixel-perfect websites to showcase artwork and promote cultural actions.
  • Banking & Insurance
    Tailored solutions for the banking & insurance sector, with emphasis on security. Website development, e-banking application processing, e-payment platforms and more.
  • Manufacturing
    Corporate websites focused on providing high-quality leads from international potential partners.
  • Cyber Security
    Cutting-edge website development focused on security. Brand communication to showcase cyber security services such as exposure, risk and threat management.