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Veta S.A.

A website focused on providing high-quality traffic and leads from international potential partners.
  • Software Development
  • UX/UI Design & Consulting
  • Data Science & Business Intelligence
  • Business & Technology Consulting
A web solution to expand brand identity and attract international partnerships

VETA S.A is a leading manufacturing company specialized in the engineering and fabrication of high-end metal products. The company was founded in 1967 in Athens, Greece and it is one of the first precision sheet metal manufacturers in Southeastern Europe which uses cutting-edge industrial technologies. Today, VETA S.A. has developed a strong sales network in Europe and the US and serves high profile clients around the world.

VETA S.A requested a website that demonstrates their corporate values and showcases the innovative fabrication solutions as well as the know-how they have developed through 42 years of experience. Their modern facilities, quality system, milestones and strategic partnerships were the key points they wanted to focus on. Through their online presence and the expansion of their brand identity, VETA pursued collaboration with International B2B clients.
INDEV designed and delivered a responsive website with editable pages to present VETA’s services to potential partners, as well as a landing page mechanism with customizable templates to reinforce their advertising purposes. Experienced analysts have set up tracking mechanisms to collect and analyze data, monitor user behavior and review advertising goals. Today, more than 50% of VETA’s traffic comes from a wide range of countries in Europe, Asia and the States and their advertisements are ranked amongst the top positions of search results for specific keywords. At the same time, their website generates high quality leads on a monthly basis and the company establishes valuable partnerships worldwide.
Focus Points
Focus Points

Top-ranking in search engine results for specific keywords 

More than 50% of website traffic originates from countries outside Greece

Established partnerships with B2B international clients

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