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A unique web application connecting shipping companies and ship technicians, worldwide!
  • Software Development
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  • Data Science & Business Intelligence
  • Business & Technology Consulting
A unique web application connecting shipping companies and ship technicians

INDEV Software developed T-Radar, an innovative web application aiming to fill a gap in the shipping industry.

On one end, T-Radar enables shipping companies to search globally for the nearest available technicians, in relation to the course of their ship, in order to get in touch and arrange repairs. On the other end, the application is a powerful tool for technical companies as well, which can manage their engineers, schedule their trips, and monitor the demand of their services via search analytics.


We started from scratch. Our role in this project was to take the customer's idea and make it happen! Our task was to design and develop the business logic of the application, analyze and provision the infrastructure and, at the end of the day, produce a custom software solution that meets the needs of the industry, in a way that is fast, simple, secure and with great user experience.


Our team created an application with a rich feature-set, that aims to provide the right tool for each user. The application includes a global search function for engineers by specialization or other characteristics, distance measuring between ports with map visualizations, suggestions of techical results in nearby locations, saving of past searches, notifications when engineers become available, management and scheduling of the engineers and their trips, search analytics and many more features. The development of T-Radar also included the implementation of a custom subscription scheme with support for recurring subscription payments, a custom user system, as well as an easy to use administrative environment.

Focus Points
Focus Points

Search for engineers with suggested results

Distance measurement between ports and map visualization

Staff scheduling and calendar overview

Custom subscription schemes with recuring payments

Analytics and dashboards

Custom UX/UI with responsive design for all devices

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