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Obrela Security Industries

A custom website with high-security standards and a fresh visual identity.
  • UX/UI Design & Consulting
A flexible website for a market leader in exposure, risk and compliance management services

Obrela is a Cyber Security Company that specializes in advanced real time cyber risk management and early warning services. They work with diverse projects and complex enterprise environments, addressing a multitude of industry-specific requirements.

Our client requested a fully scalable website to showcase their security analytics and risk management services as well as their credibility in cyber security. Obrela also aimed to introduce a new visual identity that reflected their culture, experience and future corporate endeavors.
INDEV built an intuitive interface able to be controlled and customized by Obrela, including a blog where the client can showcase pieces of code. After understanding Obrela’s culture the UX/UI design team created a visual communication compatible with the brand in order to achieve brand identity harmony. INDEV has given strong emphasis on the safety of operating systems so as to reduce risk and vulnerabilities. Considering the nature of the client’s industry and activities, INDEV provided exclusive technical and operational support services during the testing phase of the website, after delivering the final product.
Focus Points
Focus Points

Successful result of penetration testing assessment

Powerful brand identity through custom-made designs

​​​​​​Fully scalable website capable of extending its features & services

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