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A website for Lactotune probiotics and their health benefits.
  • Software Development
  • UX/UI Design & Consulting
Creating a digital presense for Lactotune probiotics

Our team at INDEV Software was happy to work again with our long-standing partners from Innovis Pharma, who trusted us with the creation of a new website for the Lactotune probiotics and prebiotics.


Lactotune's new digital presence was created with several objectives in mind. Being an over-the-counter health product range, Lactotune's design approach had to set it apart from the sterile and austere design lines so often encountered in pharmaceutical products. In addition, the website had to promote the health benefits of probiotics and prebiotics and educate the end customer on their correct use. Finally, the website had to, of course, present the full Lactotune product range.


Our team partnered with our good friend multidisciplinary designer and creative director of AG Design Agency, Alexandros Gavrilakis, who helped us create a clean and anthropocentric UX/UI design for Lactotune. The website is designed to build trust towards Lactotune's products and promote the health benefits of probiotics and prebiotics in every day life. The products are displayed in a vibrant but clear way, that is at the same time user friendly, educational and informative - including instructions for use, frequently asked questions and useful lifestyle tips for each product. An interactive map was constructed to display points of sale, as well as an easy to use administration environment and CMS for managing the website's content.

Focus Points
Focus Points

A clean and anthropocentric UX/UI for health products

Educational product presentation with useful tips and FAQ

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