Case studies

Free-POS by Viva Wallet

A business solution for charging cards without using a POS device.
A flexible card charging service

Free-POS is a business software solution for charging credit, debit and prepaid cards. The service target group consists of professionals and individuals who are looking for a flexible, no-contract solution.

Our client, VIVA Wallet, required a cross platform solution that charges cards without a POS. At the, there existed no alternative solution for the professional who didn’t want to use a POS device. The solution had to be user friendly, fast, secure and compatible with every device.
Within a month, INDEV designed, prototyped and developed a cutting-edge platform and three clients: iOS, android and a fully responsive website. The delivered data model included recurring payments, transactional limits, user management and a full reporting platform that is used by Viva Wallet’s customer support team. The user may log-in using their Facebook or Google account and redeem codes, using their IBAN, card, or Viva Wallet account in the application interface.
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